8 Week Programme

I am developing an innovative and exciting 8 week programme, that will transform and empower. You will Repair, Rediscover, Reignite & Rejoice. I will provide all the tools and support that you need to start loving your life.

Please register your interest early and we will keep you updated with a launch date.

Do You Find Yourself

stuck in a perpetual cycle of therapy, searching for that elusive remedy?

convince yourself time and time again that you're okay now. Only to realise that you're really not okay?

feel like you're living in an adult body, but your emotions are still stuck and undeveloped from your childhood?

limit yourself all the time because of your negative self-talk?

searching endlessly for a magic remedy, something to set you free?

Then My Programme Is For You!

This exciting programme will be in the form of an online course. Every week over a consecutive 8 week period, the course will be accessible online for you to download, work on and complete – all in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

We will also have regular live chats via a web link, where I can answer all of your questions.