How I Can Help You

With my guidance, support and sexual trauma coaching, every individual can create and achieve whatever it is that they desire for their lives. The power is within us all. Let me help you to achieve your remarkable life. You have to be ready to commit and must be prepared to take consistent and positive action. Lasting change will only be achieved through your dogged determination to overcome.

The true, authentic life that you have always dreamed of, is yours – you just have to take that leap.

It is YOUR time, YOU deserve it, YOU matter.

My drive and purpose is to bring joy to others, guide them to their destiny, help them build, achieve and live, fully immersed, in their dreams and goals.

My sessions are outcome focused, although there may be some minor delving into the past, we certainly won’t linger there too long at all. You will gain insights and learn tools and techniques to empower you, and create positive change.

Do you want to start truly living, not really sure who YOU are, do you want to propel yourself into fulfilling your true purpose?

You CAN change your outlook, life and core happiness. YOU have a choice.

Come with an open mind. The best coaching results happen, when you fully immerse yourself into the process and are highly motivated to succeed and ready to commit.    

You will gain insights, realise your potential, discover who you are and feel empowered

Repair your low self-esteem and sense of low-worth.

Challenge and banish critical thinking.

Eradicate people pleasing tendencies.

Deeply connect with your past.

Soothe and heal your broken inner child.

Reignite blunted feelings and emotions.

Understand your sexual triggers and pain points.

Understand who you are and what you really want from life.

Fall in love with yourself.

Instil a positive mindset.

Help you to maintain focus and motivation.

Propel you into a joyous and happy life.

Are You Ready For Sexual Trauma Coaching?

Bespoke 1 on 1 Coaching

£ 40
per hour
  • For adult women I aim to be as flexible as possible and can offer evening and weekend appointments, as well as daytime. Breakfast meetings are also an option.