Business Coaching

Whether you are already in business, an entrepreneur, a new business start-up, or simply looking to change careers – it is absolutely possible to accomplish business success.

My coaching sessions are totally bespoke to you and will show you how to achieve laser focus on business targets. Implement short term and long term goals. Motivate, inspire and create a structure for your business…in your own, unique way!

My drive and purpose is to bring joy to others, guide them to their destiny, help them build, achieve and live, fully immersed, in their dreams and goals.

My sessions are outcome focused, although there may be some minor delving into the past, we certainly won’t linger there too long at all. You will gain insights and learn tools and techniques to empower you and create positive change.

If your life is taking over you. Take a life reset!

We will explore and identify what’s important to you for your business.

Fully revise all resources available to you.

Clearly identify those specific areas that need further tweaking.

Overcome obstacles or blockages, preventing you from striving for your business dream.

Develop and build a realistic action plan to keep you on track.

Explain how to navigate the HMRC minefield – all the tools needed from the very start of your new business.

Are You Ready For 1-on-1 Business Coaching?

You will gain insights, realise your potential, discover who you are, feel motivated and overcome obstacles or blockages, preventing you from striving for your business dream.

Bespoke 1 on 1 Business Coaching

£ 55
per hour - 1 person
  • £70 per hour - 2 people
  • 3 Sessions for £150 - 1 person
  • 3 Sessions for £190 - 2 people
  • For Businesses, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs
  • For adult Men and Women I aim to be as flexible as possible and can offer evening and weekend appointments, as well as daytime. Breakfast meetings are also an option.

Individual Coaching

  • Encourage and guide you to discovering your amazing potential